Simple, convenient and secure solution
for document managment. System
which is independent of accounting software.

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Simple, convenient & low-priced document managment

ELLREX offer user-friendly solutions for document management and web development. Our job is to ensure customer satisfaction and comfort. ELLREX digidoc is a cloud service that solves all the administrative and archiving measures for digital documents. The system is not dependent on accounting software, which means that the data can be accessed any time and irrespective of the version updates.

Archiving & Email Interface

Uploading and downloading files is fast and easy. After downloading file, the file, directory structure and metadata are retained. Document files are stored as stand-alone, separate from business software. In order to work more efficiently, a system has been developed that accepts e-mails and enters e-mail attachments witch are easily placed in directories and entered directly into Merit Aktiva via the API.

Compiling sales invoices

Sales invoices can be compiled and delivered directly to Merit Aktivas via the API interface.

Cashier and e-store interface

Receiving a summary file of sales invoices from an online store or cash register system and sending to Merit Aktiva automatically. Adding New articles, customers and receipts.

Warehouse Module

A simple storage system that can be operated independently or with Merit Aktiva.

Apartment association self-service

Collection of apartment readings. Generating and delivering invoices to Merit Aktiva

User Administration

The main user administers users, archiving deadlines, etc.

The number of users does not change the price of the service!

Price list

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6€ /60€


  • Up to five companies
  • Full service
  • User support



  • 5-20 companies
  • Full service
  • User support



  • 20 & more companies
  • Full service
  • User support

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Secure storage with backups. A cloud-based system helps prevent data loss that can be caused by physical server or hardware failure.

Good accessibility

Accessibility from all Internet-enabled smartphones and computers. Secure storage through the backup system.

Powerful search

An integrated, powerful search engine allows you to quickly find your files through keywords, titles, content, etc.

Easy to use

Take a picture of a check and upload it to the ELLREX's digidoc environment, add metadata, share documents, enter attachments from e-mail automatically to our digidoc environment.