Document managment

Ellrex digidoc is a corporate document management and archiving system that does not depend on accounting software. In our doc environment it is possible to:

Archive, manage, sort and view documents. 

Add metadata, such as title, keywords, notes, duration numbers.

The file name can be changed manually or with metadata. 

In Ellrex digidoc system you have:

Fast search function that you can quickly and easily find the documents you need.

Convenient preview option

The ellrexi digidoc environment with all your documents is backed up.

To work more efficiently Ellrex developed a system which takes documents or invoice from previously set up E-mail account attachment and put to the corresponding folder where client can easily move and sort files to the right folder. Uploading and downloading documents is fast and simple. A convenient preview feature is good to make sure the contents of the file.

Our document management system is web-based, which means that files and documents are located in an environment that can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection. The cloud-based system also helps to prevent loss of data that may occur due to physical server or computer hardware failures.

Login ELLREX digidoc e-environment 


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